Exciting Opportunities Await in the Booming Real Estate Market!

JULY 18, 2023 | MEDIA

Transforming The Real Estate Sector: Empowering Channel Partners

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of real estate, customers often find themselves grappling with a complex and intricate landscape. However, they are fortunate to have the guidance of channel partners who serve as trusted advisors, leading them through the intricacies of the market.

JULY 20, 2023 | MEDIA

Mumbai’s Palladian Partners Successfully Sells 1 Lakh Square Feet Of Commercial Space In Oshiwara District Centre Within 30 Days

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 19: Palladian Partners one of the most prominent Real Estate partners in India, has set a new benchmark in the industry by successfully selling an impressive 1 lakh square feet of commercial space within a span of just 30 days.

AUGUST 16, 2023 | MEDIA

Palladian Partners Embarks On Ambitious Expansion Plan, Targets 30 New Cities In India

Palladian Partners, a prominent player in the Indian real estate landscape, has announced its plans to expand its Business in an additional 30 cities across the nation. Bolstered by remarkable success in recent years, the company aims to fortify its position as a leading real estate advisory brand, catering to diverse markets and emerging as a true one-stop solution provider.

AUGUST 21, 2023 | MEDIA

Exploring Real Estate Ventures In Mumbai: Navigating Prospects, Challenges, And Guidance For First Time Investors

Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India, has long been a hotspot for real estate investments.

OCTOBER 13, 2023 | MEDIA

Mumbai's Skyline Renaissance: The Remarkable Rise Of Redevelopment Projects

Mumbai, known as the city that never rests, is currently undergoing an extraordinary transformation of its iconic skyline.

OCTOBER 13, 2023 | MEDIA

September Sales Indicate Better Realty Sales During Festive Season In Mumbai, Bengaluru

With Mumbai’s real estate witnessing a surge in sales and bookings, real estate developers and property advisors expect far better sales during the upcoming festive season.

AUGUST 21, 2023 | MEDIA

Palladian Partners Reports: Affordable Housing Dominates Mumbai's Real Estate Scene Amidst Soaring Prices

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 23: Mumbai's real estate market is undergoing a significant transformation, as the demand for affordable housing takes precedence amidst escalating property prices.

OCTOBER 13, 2023 | MEDIA

Guide To Strategic Property Selection And Navigating Home Seeker Priorities

Home seekers frequently encounter the challenge of sifting through an array of options, struggling to identify projects and locations that align seamlessly with their unique needs


A Resilient Revival: Affordable Housing Set To Thrive With Repo Rate Stability

Potential buyers in the affordable housing segment can now approach the market with increased confidence and a more stable pricing scenario.

JANUARY 13, 2024 | MEDIA

The Real Estate Revolution: Impact Of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link On Mumbai And Navi Mumbai By Mr. Piyush Rambhia - Director: Palladian Partners Advisory Llp

Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India, has long been a hotspot for real estate investments.

OCTOBER 13, 2023 | MEDIA

Understand How Amortisation Impacts Your Home Loan Emi

Amortisation is the financial cornerstone of homebuying. Here’s how to easily calculate it along with its significance and benefits.


Quote On Post Rbi Policy Announcement And How It Will Have Affordable Houses And Real Estate Market By Mr. Chandresh Vithalani, Palladian Partners Advisory Llp

The Reserve Bank of India's decision to maintain the Repo rate at 6.5% for the sixth consecutive time, alongside the moderation of inflation to 5.5% from April to December 2023, serves as a cornerstone for reducing market volatility and enhancing affordability within the real estate sector.


Views Of Mr. Chandresh Vithalani, Chandresh Vithalani, Director – Palladian Partners Advisory Llp On Today’s Monetary Policy

Stability is the cornerstone of progress. Maintaining the repo rate at 6.5% is a strategic move by the RBI, providing a strong impetus to the thriving Indian real estate market.


Mumbai's Real Estate Market: A Flourishing Landscape In 2024

In the bustling city of Mumbai, 2024 has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the real estate sector, redefining conventional notions of growth and prosperity.

MAY 04, 2024 | MEDIA

Raising Property Rates Even Higher

Several factors can drive further value appreciation n in already developed locations within India, including the Mumbai i Metropolitan Region (MMR).

MAY 13, 2024 | MEDIA

Unsold Housing Stock in MMR Nosedives, Signaling Market Optimism

The real estate market in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) has exhibited robust growth in 2023, propelled by strategic infrastructure developments and a strong economic outlook.

MAY 19, 2024 | MEDIA

Evaluating real estate opportunities

A look at the factors that influence real estate value appreciation at an emerging location in India and MMR

MAY 28, 2024 | MEDIA

रियल एस्टेट सेक्टर में आई तेजी, घरों की रेकॉर्ड बिक्री

11000 से अधिक प्रॉपर्टी रजिस्ट्रेशन हर महीने 6469 घर ज्यादा बेचे बिल्डरों ने पिछले साल के मुकाबले

JUNE 01, 2024 | MEDIA

मुंबई में घरों की बिक्री मई में भी ऑल टाइम हाई

मुंबईः मुंबई में घरों की भारी विक्री का सिलसिला मई में भी जारी रहा। मई में मुंबई में ऑल टाइम हाई घरों की विक्री हुई है। रेकॉर्ड विक्री होने से घरों की विक्री 12 हजार के करीब पहुंच गई है, जबकि बीते सालों में मई में घरों की विक्री का आंकड़ा 10 हजार से कम रहा है।

JUNE 05, 2024 | MEDIA

Elections 2024 – Real Estate Sector welcomes the results: Mr. Chandresh Vithalani- Partner, Palladian Partners Advisory Pvt Ltd.

NATIONAL/ MUMBAI, 5th JUNE, 2024 (GPN): The reelection of the BJP for a third term, now with a more robust opposition, underscores a balance that is vital for democracy and industry alike.

JUNE 06, 2024 | MEDIA

Post elections, hopes raised and demands made

As the new government will take charge, stakeholders in the real estate sector will be keenly observing its policies and actions to gauge the potential impact on the industry.

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